Finding Peace through the Gospel in Sierra Leone



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“If ever you wanted an object lesson that your happiness doesn’t depend on your material wealth, you’d go to Africa,” says Elder Jeffrey R. Holland as he reflects on his experiences with members in Sierra Leone in part two of a video series about the growth of the Church in Africa.

“These people are happy, blessed, joyful people, and in many cases they have almost nothing.” Against all odds and challenging opposition, they believe in the gospel. The Church has been a great source of peace for members there, he explains.

Elder Holland organized the Church’s 3,000th stake in Sierra Leone in December 2012. He says that anytime a new stake is organized, what matters most is not what the men they interview say as much as what the Spirit says about the men. “What you’re waiting for and feeling and praying for is the whispering of the Spirit saying, ‘You’re talking to the stake president.’”

“This is the work of Almighty God,” he testified. “This is the Church of Jesus Christ. … He is engaged in our lives.” 

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