Family Is the Foundation

Part three of three


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“Eastern European members are focused on the things that matter at home, on following the Spirit, on learning the gospel, and on being examples in their lives,” said Elder D. Todd Christofferson. “I sense that the family is what it should be, that is, the foundation of everything else.”

Family is the most important thing in the world to Carlos and Ludmilla, who live in Moscow, Russia. Ludmilla made a goal to go to the temple “no matter what,” but Carlos had stopped attending church regularly. Ludmilla’s prayers and fasting were answered when Heavenly Father showed Carlos through a dream what would happen if he didn’t change his life.

“The Lord’s love is infinite, and so each one is known to Him. Each one is infinitely precious to Him. Each one can pray and be recognized and have the answer to their prayer from a loving Heavenly Father,” Elder Christofferson said.

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