Emerging with Faith in Africa—Bernice’s Story

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No matter where people are located in the world, when they learn to follow the Savior, trust Heavenly Father, and make and keep covenants, they find the answers they are seeking in life.

“The answer … is the gospel,” Elder Jeffrey R. Holland of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles said while fulfilling assignments in Africa. “So we just preach the gospel. And it has been true elsewhere and it is true in Africa, that people get that insight, blessing, and light in their lives, and suddenly things start to change and their lives are blessed.”

The experiences of a woman named Bernice Akrah, of Accra, Ghana, and her husband, Prince Oti Akrah, provide an excellent example of what Elder Holland is talking about. They overcame challenges to become faithful, productive Latter-day Saints. The accompanying video tells their story.