Act by Faith, Members of First Indonesian Stake Are Told

Elder Bednar with leaders of the first Indonesian Stake

Children of our Father in Heaven “are not objects to be acted upon, but agents to act by the power of faith,” Elder David A. Bednar of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles taught at a meeting for priesthood leaders, as members of the Church rejoiced at the creation of the Jakarta Indonesia Stake, the first stake of the Church in Indonesia.

Follow the Holy Ghost

Elder Bednar reminded the leaders that “the Holy Ghost works all week long, not just on Sundays.” Each priesthood leader had the opportunity to shake hands with Elder Bednar as part of his witness to them, in what proved to be a spiritually edifying experience.

Elder Bednar presided over several meetings associated with the organization of the stake, which took place on Sunday, May 22, 2011. More than 1,000 members participated, and Elder Bednar promised the Indonesian Saints they will continue to receive blessings as they live and share the gospel.

A Magnificent Work

Elder Bednar also met with missionaries, using an interactive model to help them understand how to learn by the Spirit and to help others to use their faith. “Every good thing you do is a small thread in the magnificent tapestry of the Lord’s work,” he said.

The Church has had a presence in Indonesia, a country of more than 220 million people, for 41 years.

Other Church authorities present for the forming of the stake included Elder Carl B. Pratt of the Seventy, Second Counselor in the Asia Area Presidency; Elder Joshua Subandriyo, Area Seventy; and President George H. Groberg of the Indonesia Jakarta Mission.

Humanitarian Opportunities

Elder Bednar, Elder Pratt, and Elder Subandriyo also had the opportunity to meet with the leaders of the Pergurus Besar Nahdlatul Ulama, a large Islamic organization.  The meeting renewed a relationship established several years ago.  Discussion topics included opportunities to work together in providing humanitarian services.