The Gospel—A Global Faith

In a world where many struggle to fit in, belong, or get along, the gospel is a global faith with an all-embracing message. President Howard W. Hunter (1907–95) taught: “All men and women have not only a physical lineage leading back to Adam and Eve, their first earthly parents, but also a spiritual heritage leading back to God the Eternal Father. Thus, all persons on earth are literally brothers and sisters in the family of God.”

It is in this context, President Hunter taught, “that all human beings can best appreciate God’s concern for them and their relationship to each other.” God’s concern for us is evident in His plan of salvation, which was put in place to bring about our immortality and eternal life with Him. In our relationships with all our brothers and sisters, we can—through love and service—help one another achieve the blessings available through His plan.

See President Hunter’s October 1991 conference address, “The Gospel—A Global Faith,” to better understand God’s love and concern for all His children and our responsibility to reach out in kindness.