“Wherefore, now let every man learn his duty.” D&C 107:99

Follow the steps below to understand the role of the Church recorder, learn what a Church record is, and learn your record keeping duties.

1. Understand the role of the Church recorder

Watch "A Pattern for Record Keeping."


2. Recognize what constitutes Church records

Church records include all information, in any form, physical or digital, created or received for the transactions of the Church. For example:

  • Meeting Minutes
  • Invoice Receipts
  • Project Files
  • Correspondence (when it is written or received because of your role for the Church)
  • Employee Files
  • Missionary Information Database

3. Assign responsibility for managing records to appropriate stewards

Click here to learn who your department's records coordinator is.

4. Learn the duties related to your record keeping stewardship

Watch "Records Management and You!"