“Keep a record of this people … for it is for a wise purpose that they are kept.” Alma 37:2

Follow the steps below to learn how to retain records for an appropriate length of time, find needed records, and facilitate legal discovery.

1. Retain records in compliance with Church policy and all applicable laws and regulations

Review Church policy regarding regulatory compliance.

2. Find and retrieve needed records efficiently

Learn how to retrieve and send files to the records center.

3. Facilitate legal discovery, regulatory compliance, and Church audit

Learn how to know if any of your records have been placed on legal hold.

  • Legal hold is a process used to preserve and make available records of relevant information for anticipated legal action
  • DO NOT destroy records that are under a legal hold
  • You will receive an email notifying you of the legal hold, called a Legal Hold Notice, from Paul Rytting
  • Acknowledge and respond to the Legal Hold Notice email by following the links included in the email
  • Identify and gather all available information you have
  • Do not delete, alter, or modify any information you find
  • Save any new documents, data, and communications that are created about the matter
  • DO NOT open electronic documents, since this modifies the file’s metadata
  • For relevant email, create a new Outlook folder called “Lit Hold Docs,” and move all relevant messages to that folder
  • DO NOT discard paper documents