Record Coordinators and Assistants

Auditing (AUD)

Jay Bradley Anderson and JoAnne Sainsbury

Church History (CHD)

Dan Isaac and Ryan Colton

Church Security (CSD)

Ryan Cottle and Tanya Palowski

Commissioners Office (COM)

Mark Woodruff and Melanie Lawrence

Communication Services (CSC)

Anne Loyd and Lindsay Borchert

Correlation Evaluation (COR-EVAL)

Brian D. Garner and Maria E. Jones

Correlation Intellectual Property (COR-IP)

Julie Park and Dan Shiner

Correlation Research (COR-RES)

Jennifer Peacock

Deseret Trust (DTC)

Bruce Walkup and Scott Colton

Family History (FHD)

Tom Gill, Ken Berbert, and Linda Robertson

Finance and Records (FRD)

John Tedrow and Lori Olsen

Human Resource (HR)

Jimmy Day and Melanie Cropper

Headquarters Facilities (HQF)

Marc Johnson and Sally Woodward

Information and Communication Systems (ICS)

Brandee Nellis

Investment Properties Management  (IPMD)

Michael Johnson and Sharan Barnes

Investment Securities (INV)

Don Clouse and Jason Butterfield

LDS Philanthropies (LDSPHIL)

Charles Shoell  

Materials Management (MMD)

Kurt Romney and Thomas Otto

Meetinghouse Facilities (MFD)

Brad Barlow and Chase Nye

Missionary (MIS)

Shane Fillmore and Eric Oscarson

Office of General Counsel (OGC)

Pamela Jean Anderson

Self Reliance (SRS)

Brooke Marie Phipps

Priesthood (PST)

Bill Murri and Debra Seamons

Public Affairs (PUB)

Scott Crapo, Eric Baer, and Carole Garber

Publication Services (PSD)

Derek Sommer, LeGrand Hunsaker, and Jordan Schillingburg

Seminaries and Institute (S&I)

Tim Gurr

Special Projects (SPD)

Dean Jorgensen and Octavio Avila

Tabernacle Choir (TAB)

Barry Anderson

Temple (TEM)

Trent Hadley and Faye Laudie

Thrasher Research (THR)

Allison Martinez

Welfare Services  (WEL)

Gordon Carmen and Sherlyn Marks