LDS Media Library App Version 1.0

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Find, organize, and present LDS Church media when teaching and sharing media at church, at home, or on the go.

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1.0 Android User Guide
1.0 iOS User Guide


Wherever you teach, the LDS Media Library app gives you complete and searchable access to the Church media library. Complement Sunday lessons, Family Home Evenings, or missionary discussions with easy-to-find videos, images, and music content.



Playback and present your media without worrying about an internet connection. Automatic downloads ensure all your content is available before your lesson.



Need a portion of a general conference talk or hymn to share? Easily trim video, songs, and playback the portions that inspired your gospel learning.



Shift the content in your playlists and add presenter notes with the touch of a finger to make organizing lessons easier.



No more huddling around a small device to share a video with your class. The LDS Media Library app helps you ensure that the whole class can see by giving you the capability to cast your media playlist to a larger screen.



Quickly share your content and playlists through email or social media with family, friends, and those you teach. Share your testimony. Share your media.



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