Gospel Media App

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Find a wide selection of Church videos, images, and music that can be organized, downloaded, and presented offline for teaching and sharing at church, at home, or on the go.

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2.0 Android User Guide
2.0 iOS User Guide


Wherever you teach, Gospel Media app gives you complete access to the Church's media library. Complement Sunday lessons, family home evenings, or missionary discussions with easy-to-find videos, images, and music. More content is added each week!


This app gives you total control to choose what to download so you can play back and present your media without worrying about buffering or being connected to the internet.


Need a portion of a general conference talk, or want to practice only the second verse of a hymn? Easily trim videos and songs to playback portions that inspire gospel learning.



Fully customize your presentations by organizing slides and adding presenter notes to incorporate media into your lessons seamlessly.


No more huddling around a small device to share a video or image with your class. Gospel Media app gives you the ability to cast your presentations onto a larger screen while also viewing your notes and slides on your device.


Quickly share content and your presentations through email or social media with family, friends, and those you teach. Share your testimony. Share your media.


Gospel Media app is currently available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. Depending on demand, we hope to make additional languages available. 



Training/Fifth Sunday Lesson Resources

To assist Stake Technology Specialists, Ward Technology Specialists, or anyone assigned to train members on how to use the Gospel Media App, the Church has created a presentation and handout that can be used during Teacher Counsels or Fifth Sunday Lessons. 





Gospel Media App PowerPoint Presentation

A Microsoft PowerPoint presentation that outlines each feature of the Gospel Media App. In the notes, it includes suggestions on what to say and questions to ask. 

Download the PowerPoint presentation

Gospel Media App PDF presentation

A PDF presentation that outlines each feature of the Gospel Media App. It does not include slide notes.

Download the PDF presentation

Gospel Media App slide notes

A PDF of just the slide notes that can be used with the Gospel Media App PDF presentation. It includes suggestions on what to say and questions to ask.

Download the slide notes PDF

Gospel Media App handout

A two-sided PDF summary of the Gospel Media App presentation that can be handed out to class members.

Download the PDF handout

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