Mobile Applications

Available Now for BlackBerry

For Gospel Library (beta): Install this application directly on your BlackBerry using the instructions below, or by using the BlackBerry Desktop Manager.

1. Select this link from the browser on your BlackBerry, and select Download. The application typically downloads and installs in 1-2 minutes.

   a. You now have the application installed on your device, but without content.
   b. You may be prompted to reboot your device.

2. Open the application, go to Settings, and select SD Card as the location to download application files (the content you are going to download).

3. Return to the home screen of the Gospel Library application and select Manage Library. You may choose either Scriptures or All. Select Scriptures if you want to select specific portions of the standard works. Select All to download all available content (includes the Old Testament, New Testament, Book of Mormon, Pearl of Great Price, and Study Helps).

   a. We recommend you select All. It typically takes about an hour to download and install all content, but no additional action is required on your part. Once you've selected All you'll see download progress.

4. Please send feedback and bug reports to

For Mormon Channel: Install this application directly from your BlackBerry or by using the BlackBerry Desktop Manager.