A New Look at the New Testament

The 27 books that comprise the New Testament have survived nearly two millennia of time and trial. This year, members of the Church around the globe are studying it in Sunday School Gospel Doctrine classes.

“It’s the one book where people walked with [the Savior] in His life—walked and talked and had a life with Him,” said Thomas A. Wayment, associate professor of ancient scripture at Brigham Young University. . “I feel that you get close to Him in some ways that … you don’t in other books of scripture.”

In this video, Brother Wayment explains the origins of the New Testament and how understanding its history can increase our appreciation of the book and give us greater spiritual strength.

His article, “The Historical Context of the New Testament,” in the January 2011 Liahona further describes the history of the New Testament and what it means for us as we face our own trials.