Learn Together

“Understand the needs of the youth, listen to them as they make comments and ask questions in class. Take an interest in their lives. Counsel with parents, leaders, and other teachers. Most important, seek the guidance of the Holy Ghost. Adapt your teaching to be responsive to the Spirit and the needs and interests of the youth” (Come, Follow Me, Getting Started).

Come, Follow Me invites us to follow the Savior’s example of teaching. The Savior used the scriptures to teach and testify about His mission. He taught people to ponder the scriptures and use them to help answer questions. By using relatable examples, He helped them discover gospel lessons in their own experiences and in the world around. He invited them to become witnesses of His teachings by teaching and testifying to others. In this way, they could deepen their understanding of the doctrine.

Sunday class is more than a teacher speaking and a student listening. A Come, Follow Me lesson is an active discussion of doctrine with all participating. It includes opportunities to:

  • Discover doctrine in the scriptures and the words of the living prophets.
  • Discuss how the gospel is relevant to daily life.
  • Listen for and respond to the promptings of the Holy Ghost on how to live what they learn.

Develop skills needed to find faithful answers to questions. Each monthly topic includes several outlines to choose from—you will not be able to teach all of them. Counsel with your class presidency about the needs and questions of the young women regarding the monthly topic, then select outlines to address these needs. You do not have to address topics in the order listed. Have the class presidency help leaders identify the outlines that are needed most. You can spend more than one week on an outline if necessary.

In every Come, Follow Me outline, “Prepare yourself spiritually” is the first thing you see and is there to help you prepare to teach, but this is not the lesson. Discover and use the learning activity ideas in the “Learn Together” section: they are designed to invite participation and discovery. Watch these videos from actual classrooms to see teachers using methods suggested in the learning activities:

As youth faithfully discuss gospel truths, these truths are confirmed in their hearts and minds by the power of the Holy Ghost. As they discover truth together, they will strengthen one another—hearing a gospel truth from a peer is sometimes more powerful than hearing it from a leader or teacher.

Prayerfully study and prepare not only to lead a discussion but also to help young women discover the doctrine of Jesus Christ and how to live it. In doing this, you will bless their lives and generations to come.

Counsel Together:

  • How can we make our teaching relevant to the needs, questions, and concerns of our young women?
  • How can we better help young women discover answers to their own questions through the scriptures and the words of the prophets?
  • How can class presidencies help identify the needs of class members regarding the upcoming monthly topic and select the lesson outlines to be taught?

Additional Resources: