Word of Wisdom Promises

Word of Wisdom Promises

Music from the Friend

1. When mother goes to shop for food,
She chooses carefully.
The Word of Wisdom is her guide
To build good health in me.



2. There’re lots of things that I should do
To take good care of me.
The Word of Wisdom promises
The best of health for me.



3. I thank my Heavenly Father for
The food He’s given me,
And for the Word of Wisdom
And my mother teaching me.



When I eat fruits and vegetables and bread from wheat,
How strong and healthy I will be
If we have meat I’ll eat it only sparingly,
Then strong and healthy I will be.


Text:  Jeanne Lawler

Music:  Jeanne Lawler

Artist:  Lawler

Album:  Music Published in the Church Magazines: Friend

Composition Date:  1975-05-01

More Info:  Friend


Word of Wisdom, health, strength, revelation, obedience