Wondrous Gift

Music for Choirs, Submitted Music (2007-2011)

Dost thou in a manger lie, who hast all created,

Stretching infant hands on high, Savior long awaited?

If a monarch, where Thy state?  Where Thy court on Thee to wait?

Royal purple, where?

Here no regal pomp we see, naught but need and penury; Why thus cradled here?

Wondrous gift, giv’n for me, royal purple, where?

Wondrous gift, pure and free, why thus cradled here?

“Pitying love for fallen man brought me down thus low;

For a race deep lost in sin came I into woe.

By this lowly birth of mine everlasting life is thine,

Matchless gift and free;

Willingly this yoke I take, and this sacrifice I make,

Heaping joys for thee!”

Honor, praise and joy we bring, precious Lord and Savior, King;

This our meager gift to sing for Thy loving favor.

For Thy wondrous gift set free, praises high we render Thee in a manger bare.

Gracious God and heav’nly King, we accept Thy offering;

Riches we all share.

Wondrous gift, pure and free, riches we all share.

Wondrous gift, giv’n for me, from a manger bare.

Text: Latin Text by Jean Mauburn trans. By Elizabeth Charles, additional Text by the composer.

Music: Michael R. Carson

Album: Submitted Music (2007-2011)

Composition Date: 2009

More Info: CMS 2009