Within These Walls (Perry)

Within These Walls (Perry)

Submitted Hymn Texts, Submitted Music (2007-2011)

When Jesus came to Bountiful

His words were soft and kind.

Are any sick among you?

Are there any lame or blind?

With mercy and compassion

Jesus healed them every one,

And they did bow and worship Him

As God’s Beloved Son.

Then as they knelt and kissed His feet

And bathed them with their tears,

The multitude was overcome

For heaven seemed so near.


The Savior tarried in their midst

With love beyond compare.

He bade them kneel, then prayed for them

In hallowed, sacred prayer.

No eye hath seen, no ear hath heard,

And words cannot convey

The great and marv’lous things they saw

And felt that sacred day.

No tongue can speak, no pen can write

Nor hearts of men conceive

The joy that filled their grateful souls

For glories they received.


Then Jesus wept; His joy was full

Because of their great faith.

He took their children, one by one,

And blessed them, then He prayed.

The multitude bore record

As they saw what He had done,

Then Jesus Christ declared to all:

“Behold your little ones.”

And as they cast their eyes toward heav’n

The angels did ascend.

Encircling them with heaven’s fire,

They ministered to them.


We know that Christ will come again

In royal robes of red,

Descending in the eastern clouds

As prophecies have said.

I wonder, will He heal the sick

And bless the children dear?

And will we bow at Jesus’ feet

And bathe them with our tears?

We’ll shout in grand hosannas

As the heav’nly choir sings

To usher in His reign of peace—

Our Lord and King of Kings!

Text: Janice Kapp Perry

Album: Submitted Music (2007-2011)

Composition Date: 2008

More Info: CMS 2008