Within My Heart, O God, Prepare

Within My Heart, O God, Prepare

Submitted Hymn Texts, Submitted Music (2012-present)

Within my heart, O God, prepare

A place apart, to contemplate;

Reveal my want and weakness there

In measure with Thy grace.

Once Jesus, in the upper room,

Brake bread and passed the token cup;

With broken heart, my will consumed,

I’ll eat and drink them up.


As I partake of broken bread,

O loving Father, I implore,

Remove the stain that bows my head;

Remember it no more.

Once Jesus, in the olive grove,

Was pressed and broken for my sin;

Beholden to that boundless love,

I will remember Him.


As I receive the holy cup,

O may my soul be sanctified,

And all my strivings prove enough,

Thy Spirit may abide.

Once Jesus, pierced, upon the cross,

His sinless blood so freely spilled,

Did drain in full that bitter draught,

As now my cup is filled.

Text: Toni Thomas

Album: Submitted Music (2012-present)

Composition Date: 2013

More Info: CMS 2013


Sacrament, Preparation