With Heart and Voice

With Heart and Voice

Music from the New Era

1. Praise the Lord with heart and voice;
Unto Him your anthems raise.
Sons and daughters, all rejoice;
Sound aloud your joyful praise.

2. Christ, the Lord, the Son of God,
Broke the chains which held us bound.
Life renewed, He rose again;
Praise Him with a grateful sound.

3. Praise Him for the gospel light,
For the truth to all restored;
For His love and for His might,
Lift your voice unto the Lord.
Lift your voice unto the Lord.

Text: Carole Knight

Music: Carole Knight

Artist: Knight

Album: Music Published in the Church Magazines: New Era

Composition Date: 1989-04-01

More Info: New Era


praise, Easter, resurrection, truth, repentance, atonement