With All My Heart

With All My Heart

Music for Choirs, Submitted Music (1998-2006)

With all my heart, I thank thee Lord, For blessings from thy hand.

For life, for love, for family, And for this chosen land.


With all my heart, I praise thee Lord, and I will strive to be

Obedient to thy will each day, and seek to live with thee.


With all my heart, I will attend to callings as they come

That service to my fellowmen may bring me safely home.


With all my heart, I’ll strive to be a blessing to my own.

So they may also come to know the blessings of thy love,

Text:  Junius L. Bennion

Music:  Kathleen B. Andersen

Album:  Submitted Music (1998-2006)

Composition Date:  2003

More Info:  CMS 2003


Devotion, Desire, Strength