Where Is He This Morn?

Where Is He This Morn?

Savior of the World

Where is He who walked with us?

Where is He who prayed?

Where is He whose voice rang out,

“Come forth from the grave”?

Where is He who knelt alone,

Who for us did bleed?

Where is He who gave His life

For our cause to plead?

It was He who taught all Galilee,

He who fed us by the sea.

With a smile He turned His head to say,

“Look on me, follow me,

Come to me, I am the Way!”

Where is He who dried the tears

Of the suff’ring soul?

Where is He who stayed our fears,

He who made us whole?

He who healed the broken heart,

He who calmed the storm,

He who came to save us all,

Where is He this morn?


Savior of the World, Easter, resurrection