When Someone Cares

When Someone Cares

Young Women Selected Songs: A Song of the Heart

Whom shall I serve?

What inner strength have I to give?

To others is the way I live and evidence that I care?

A pillar of light,

Young Joseph in a grove of trees

Found out when he was in his knees his Father in Heaven cared.

And with God nothing is impossible,

 but you must reach and take his hand.

 With him nothing is impossible.

Those who have ears to hear will understand.

The blind could see, 

The lame man could walk away,

And lives still change from night to day when they know that someone cares

They know that someone cares,  when they know that someone cares.


Text: Gwen Moore Cundick

Music: Gwen Moore Cundick


service, God the Father, love, encouragement