When Mother Bakes

When Mother Bakes

Music from the Friend

Whenever mother stirs a cake
I’m there to watch her make it.
I wash the spoons and pans for her
And then I help her bake it.
The smells of flavors are so nice,
I think they should be tasted.
I scrape the bowls, for I am sure
The drops should not be wasted.

When I clean out the frosting bowl
I’m happy as can be.
It tastes so good, and I don’t care
How much I get on me.
I’m always glad when mother bakes,
And so I wish and wish
That she would make my fav’rite cake
So I can scrape the dish!

Text: Anna Johnson

Music: Vanja Watkins

Artist: Johnson/Watkins

Album: Music Published in the Church Magazines: Friend

Composition Date: 1978-05-01

More Info: Friend


Mother, gratitude, love, children, home