What Can I Do Today?

What Can I Do Today?

Music for Women, Submitted Music (2007-2011)

What can I do today to become the Savior’s friend?

To comprehend my mission and unto His work attend?

Anoint my eyes to clearly see, my ears to hear Thy word to me

To listen in Thy love todays.


What can I do today to cleanse the world from sin?

To bind up wounds with hope in Christ that healing may begin?

Appoint my works of sisterhood to do all that’s required for good at my hands today.

Throughout the world, Thy cov’nant daughters joyously

unite in simple consecrated acts to fill the world with light.


What can I do today to spread Thy work abroad?

That ev’ry soul may walk in faith and Know Thee as their God?

Anoint my feet, direct my road, Extend my strength to bear the load

Thou hast for me today. Heav’nly Father, now I pray, Guide the things I do and say

To build Thy kingdom on the earth today.

Text:  Daunell J. Clarke

Music:  Sharalen J. Benson

Album:  Submitted Music (2007-2011)

Composition Date:  2010

More Info:  CMS 2010


Womanhood, Duty, Leadership