Walk in the Light

Walk in the Light

Music from the New Era

1. We are all the children of light,
fighting the fight, seeking the prize,
here to succeed in God’s eyes.
We have seeds of virtue within.
We’re children of God, working to win
a place in His kingdom again.
And though the way seems long and hard,
these promises live in our hearts:


Walk in the light.
Angels will walk beside you.
There in the light,
His love will safely guide you
back to the place where love burns bright,
a place prepared for those who walk in the light.


2. We are all the children of light,
striving to learn, trying to earn
blessings for doing what’s right.
We have left our heavenly home.
We’re walking by faith, finding our way
and He will not leave us alone.
And as we seek each righteous goal,
these promises ring in our soul:


3. We are all the children of light,
falling, but then rising again
as we endure to the end.
We are children following Christ.
We’re doing His work, trying to serve,
children of infinite worth.
And as we try to find our way,
these promises guide us each day:

Text: Janice Kapp Perry

Music: Janice Kapp Perry

Artist: Perry

Album: Music Published in the Church Magazines: New Era

Composition Date: 1996-03-01

More Info: New Era


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