Two Thousand Stripling Warriors (LeBaron)

Two Thousand Stripling Warriors (LeBaron)

Solos to Sing, Submitted Music (1998-2006)

Two thousand stripling warriors marched out to meet the foe,

With Helaman their leader, in honor they did go.

They followed with exactness each order that he gave.

Their father’s covenants to defend a sacred vow they’d made


This is the day for truth so off to serve we go.

We’re on a mission now and valor we must show.

We stand for what is right: courageous, firm, and true.

The hope of many rests upon the work that we must do.


Two thousand stripling warriors were valiant, strong, and sure.

They doubted not their mothers and promised to endure.

Their mothers said: Be faithful and trust in God above.

The Savior of this people will protect you with his love.


In latter days we herald the call for courage strong.

Let Zion’s youth be gathered and join the faithful throng.

The prophet sounds the clarion: Let every heart prepare

The field is white, our goal’s in sight, the gospel we will share.

Text:  Gerald Jerling LeBaron

Music:  Gerald Jerling LeBaron

Album:  Submitted Music (1998-2006)

Composition Date:  1999

More Info:  CMS 1999


Obedience, Faithfulness, Strictness