To My Savior

Music from the New Era

I sought thy help in ages past,
I walked within thy sight.
Thy strength and love were my repast,
My life, my hope, my light.


1. My foes all fell before thy hand;
Temptations fled away
All turned to good at thy command
For thou didst lead the way.
O, Savior, how the night grows black;
My heart is filled with fear.
Once faith I had but now I lack;
I cannot feel thee near.


2. Upon my soul sore burdens press;
No solace can I find.
Thy light from heaven shines no less,
But sometimes I am blind.
Yet in the depths thy name I cry,
Head hung in humble prayer.
For me thou wast not loath to die;
My burden thou wilt share.

Not once when I had need of thee
Didst thou my tears ignore,
For thou wilt always care for me,
My peace thou wilt restore.

Text: Jeanne Newman

Music: Dan Carter

Artist: Newman/Carter

Album: Music Published in the Church Magazines: New Era

Composition Date: 1980-12-01

More Info: New Era


help, strength, guidance, fear, faith, peace, healing