To Bring Them to Thee

To Bring Them to Thee

Seminary Music: Old Testament

1. Sometimes I think about my life

Unsure of what to be.

My friends and fam`ly give advice

They want what’s best for me.

Of all the thing they see in me

What should I become?

I need thee, Lord, to help me choose.

That Thy will may be done.

Will I be prepared to fill woman’s role,

Accept the Lord’s will, with all of my soul,

To raise children up,

To love them, to lead?

Will I take the time to bring them to Thee?


2. My mother loves unselfishly,

Helps others in their need.

She loves the teachings of the Lord

And teaches them to me.

Of all the things that she could choose

She chose the will of God,

To love and lead us back to Him

As hand in hand we walk.

My mother prepares and fills woman’s role.

Accepts the Lords will with all of her soul,

She’s taking the time to love and to lead,

And she’s taking the time to bring us to Thee.


3. As I prepare for motherhood and children I may raise,

Be near me Lord, that I may teach, inspire in loving ways.

Help me to walk the path the brings my children back to Thee,

That we’ll find joy throughout our lives together on our way.

And I will prepare to fill woman’s role.

Accept the Lord’s will with all of my soul,

I’ll raise children up, I’ll love them, I’ll lead,

And I’ll take the time to bring them to Thee.

Text: Dan Carter

Music: Dan Carter

Arranged By: Dan Carter

Artist: Amy Trent


motherhood, choice, inspire, teach, young women