The Still Small Voice (Jolley)

The Still Small Voice (Jolley)

Solos to Sing, Submitted Music (1998-2006)

On the hay in lowly Bethlehem,

While His Father smiled from afar.

First the Child was worshipped by

Wise and humble servants,

Drawn by the Warmest Star.


On the day our Savior was baptized,

When our Father spoke his words of love,

First the day was purified

by soft and sacred music,

Sung by the purest Dove.


When the grove not far from Cumorah,

Where young Joseph knelt in simple prayer,

Firs the Father, then the Son,

revealed themselves in glory,

The Still Small Voice was there!


And the Song of Righteousness is clear,

The comfort of its prompting draws us near.

It will lead us to the Perfect Choir,

When we listen to the Still Small Voice.

When we listen to the Still Small Voice.

Text:  Al W. Switzler

Music:  JoLane L. Jolley

Album:  Submitted Music (1998-2006)

Composition Date:  1998

More Info:  CMS 1998