The Scriptures Say

The Scriptures Say

Music from the Friend

1. When the Savior lived in heaven
Before the world began,
He promised He would die for us
As part of Father’s plan.
The scriptures say He would save us
As part of Father’s plan.

2. When the Savior lived on earth,
He taught us we must give.
By serving us and loving us
He showed us how to live.
The scriptures say He loved us
And showed us how to live.

3. When the Savior came to earth
To visit Lehi’s lands,
He spoke, He taught, He healed the sick
With gentle, wounded hands.
The scriptures say He blessed them
With gentle wounded hands.

4. When the Savior comes to earth
In majesty and might,
He’ll gather us at His right hand
To live in joy and light.
The scriptures say He will save us
To live in joy and light.

Text: Penelope Allen

Music: Reid Nibley

Artist: Allen/Nibley

Album: Music Published in the Church Magazines: Friend

Composition Date: 1999-02-01

More Info: Friend


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