The Savior’s Touch

The Savior’s Touch

Music from the New Era

1. A woman in the multitude that came to hear Christ speak,
Pressed forward close and reaching Him, fell humbly at His feet.
With faith to heal her weakened frame, she stretched forth her hand;
And touched the hem of Him, who though a God, stood now as man.



2. A boy stood with the Nephites at the city temple walls.
He watched with hanging eyes the Savior speaking to them all.
Then Jesus called the children to come forward one by one;
The boy wept as Christ touched his head and blessed him with His love.


3. A young man heard a missionary tell of Jesus Christ,
And felt a burning in his heart that told him it was right.
He asked the man to be baptized and come into the fold.
The light of Christ shone in his face, the Savior touched his soul.



The Savior’s touch can turn the earthen stones to bread.
The Savior’s touch can raise the living from the dead.
The Savior touched with faith and love the hearts of you and me.
So we in turn could touch the lives of ev’ryone we see.

Text: Kerrie Cross

Music: Kerrie Cross

Artist: Cross

Album: Music Published in the Church Magazines: New Era

Composition Date: 1993-04-01

More Info: New Era


faith, healing, children, bless, missionary, burning, heart, baptism, Savior, miracles