The Sabbath Day

Submitted Hymn Texts, Submitted Music (1998-2006)

The Sabbath Day was made for man to rest from earthly care

To pay devotion unto God, and worship Him in prayer.

To treasure and to contemplate the wonder of His plan-

To ponder and appreciate each gift he gives to man.


The Sabbath is a holy day-a covenant with the Lord-

A symbol of obedience-to love and live his word.

As Saints united in His name, in fellowship and prayer-

We humbly show our gratitude and feel His tender care.


The Sabbath is a blessed day of faith in Christ, the Lord-

To share His gospel light and love-a beacon to the world!

We testify by how we live and keep the Sabbath pure-

Devotion to the Living God; we praise him evermore!


On Sabbath Day we consecrate our hearts and hands to God-

And willingly we kindly serve, and joy in doing good.

We promise through the sacrament our savior to revere-

And seek in faith each day to live to feel his presence near.

Text: Jed Crowther

Album: Submitted Music (1998-2006)

Composition Date: 2006

More Info: CMS 2006


Sabbath Day, Worship, Service