The Sabbath Day (Davis)

The Sabbath Day (Davis)

Music for Choirs, Submitted Music (1998-2006)

1. The Sabbath day, a holy day, a day to worship God

As we willingly remember his promises of love.

By renewing our covenants and witnessing of Christ

The Sabbath day becomes a spiritual delight.


2. The Sabbath day, a perfect day for strengthening our homes.

As we meet in church together each testimony grows.

Drawing strength from the Spirit relations magnify

And the Sabbath day becomes a family delight.


3. By honoring the Sabbath day we trust in the Lord;

Filled with gratitude and joy for gospel truth restored.

So faithfully with family we strive to do right.

And the Sabbath day becomes a glorious delight.

A glorious delight.

Text: Marcia B. Davis

Music: Marcia B. Davis


home, gratitude, worship, family