The Prophet Joseph

The Prophet Joseph

Music from the Friend

1. On a clear spring morning Joseph sought the Lord in prayer.

Within the quiet grove he knelt to ask for wisdom there.

Sudden darkness overcame him and he could not speak,

But his courageous heart still prayed this evil power to break.

Then in glorious vision Heav’nly Father and His Son

calmed Joseph’s fears and taught him, and his mission had begun.


2. Joseph Smith the Prophet precious knowledge did restore,

brought forth the Book of Mormon, organized Christ’s Church once more.

Satan tried to stop the work through acts of sinful men,

But Joseph trusted in the Lord, stood faithful to the end.

Although his life was taken young, the work he left grows great—

His testimony ever bright, his mission now complete.

Text: Sandra Nelson

Music: Sandra Nelson

Artist: Nelson

Album: Music Published in the Church Magazines: Friend

Composition Date: 2012-04-07

More Info: Friend


Learning, Restoration, Joseph Smith, prayer, Book of Mormon