The Priesthood Power (Carter)

The Priesthood Power (Carter)

Music for Choirs, Submitted Music (1992-1997)

The priesthood is the pow’r by which the Father does all things.

Authority to use this pow’r to worthy sons he grants.

This pow’r that formed the heav’ns and earth and all that live and breathe

Is pow’r by which God brings to pass eternal life of man.


The priesthood is a sacred gift designed to bless mankind

With pow’r beyond the mortal grasp; fill mortal minds with light;

To bind in heav’n and earth each saving ordinance divine;

To make the atonement of our Lord effective in our lives.


The priesthood, then, with charity, long suff’ring, gentleness,

Embraces virtue, truth—abhors all wickedness, oppress’n

The shall our confidence wax strong by faith, obedience,

And priesthood doctrine shall distill on us as dew from heav’n


As with the priesthood pow’r the Lord his body raised from death,

If we are faithful stewards now, so shall our priesthood be.

So shall the faithful rise from dust, to endless fam’lies bless’d—

This is his work: eternal life and immortality.

Text: Daniel Lyman Carter

Music: Daniel Lyman Carter

Album: Submitted Music (1992-1997)

Composition Date: 1995

More Info: CMS 1995


Priesthood, Revelation, Authority