The Lost Lamb

The Lost Lamb

Music from the New Era

If I thy lamb be lost and lonely,
shiv’ring, weary—wouldst thou come to find me Lord?
Surely thou wouldst come.
If the night be cold and cruel,
threat’ning wind should hold the way before thee Lord,
wouldst thou wait till dawn to search?
Though thy search may cold and cruel be,
I know thy lambs are priceless in thy sight.
O, my Shepherd, Lord most loving, thou hast found me,
and kept me near to thee,
and thou hast whispered that I should find thy lambs who stray.
I must go to find thy lambs who stray.

Text:  Dan Carter

Music:  Dan Carter

Artist:  Carter

Album:  Music Published in the Church Magazines: New Era

Composition Date:  1980-04-01

More Info:  New Era


repentance, forgiveness, shepherd, service