The Holy Ghost (Synder)

The Holy Ghost (Synder)

Music for Choirs, Submitted Music (2007-2011)

The Holy Ghost will teach us to feast upon the words of Christ.

His sacred power will teach us to pray and follow truth and light.


Chorus: Now we can speak with the tongue of angels,

Shouting out praise to the Lord of Hosts.

Now we can testify of the Savior

Through the power of the Holy Ghost.


2.  The Holy Ghost will fill us with hope and comfort in our pain.

He witnesses that we can endure and live with God again.


3.  The Holy Ghost will show unto us all things that we should do.

The path is strait and narrow the gate.  Repent and live anew.

Text: Delys Waite Snyder

Music: Delys Waite Snyder

Album: Submitted Music (2007-2011)

Composition Date: 2010

More Info: CMS 2010


The Holy Ghost, Comforter, Teacher