The Gallant Ship (Goates: TB, Violin and Piano)

The Gallant Ship (Goates: TB, Violin and Piano)

Instrumental Music, Music for Men, Submitted Music (1998-2006)

The gallant ship is under way to bear me off to sea,

And yonder float the streamers gay that say she waits for me.

They bear me swiftly from the shore my native land farewell!


I go but not to plough the main, to ease a restless mind,

Nor do I toil on battle’s plain the victor’s wreath to twine

‘Tis not for treasures that are hid in mountain or in dell!

‘Tis not for joys like these I bid my native land farewell.


I go because my master calls He’s made my duty plain.

No danger can the heart apal when Jesus stoops to reign

My sun, my shield, forever nigh, He will my fears dispel

This hope supports me when I sigh my native land farewell.


I go devoted to His cause and to His will resigned;

His presence will supply the loss of all I leave behind.

And now the vessel’s side we’ve made, the sails their bosoms swell,

Thy beauties in the distance fade my native land farewell!

Farewell, farewell my master calls, farewell

Text: William W. Phelps

Music: William W. Phelps

Arranged By: Rachel M. Goates

Album: Submitted Music (1998-2006)

Composition Date: 2003

More Info: CMS 2003


Pioneer, Sacrifice, Duty