The Fruit is Sweet

The Fruit is Sweet

Submitted Hymn Texts, Submitted Music (2012-present)

The Fruit is Sweet


The fruit is sweet. Come taste and see and glorify the Lamb,

For Priesthood keys of faith and love are restored to man.

Come heart His voice, come hear His word through prophets called again,
Apostles sent to testify and bless the race of men.


The fruit is sweet. Come enter in and make your pathway straight;

Through water follow Christ our Lord, the Keeper of the gate.

All pure and bright, come feel the hands of faith laid on your head;

Accept the Holy Spirit’s gift and by his fire be led.


The fruit is sweet, come, let us rise and go of one accord

To stand and serve on holy ground, the mountain of the Lord.

Come, be endowed with strength and faith. Come, covenant to be true

Come, enter in and seal yourselves to loved ones old and new.


The love of God is manifest in fruit so white and fair;

The more we feast upon His gifts the more we want to share;

So bless the child, anoint the sick, go spread His word abroad,

And praise the Lamb for sending us the Priesthood of our God.

Text: M. Ryan Taylor