The Day The Savior Came (Bailey)

The Day The Savior Came (Bailey)

Solos to Sing, Submitted Music (1992-1997)

The day was gone, yet there we stood for He had came just as they said He would.

His wond’rous voice the love He brought had made us hunger for the truths He taught.

And when He said He had tog o our tear-filled eyes pled with Him “No”

I knew I’d never be the same the day the Savior cmae.


He healed the blind, the deaf could hear, and many bathed his feet with joyous tears.

And as the fading light grew dim, He bid us bring our children unto Him.

My little one, so awf’lly shy, went to His side without a cry.

She, too, would never be the same because the Savior came.


And then He prayed and what He said could not be told cannot be read.

And in our hearts His words are kept, “My joy is full.”

And then He wept. I saw Him hold my little girl.

He smiled as tenderly He touched each curl. She asked Him how He;d hurt His hands

And as I cried He taught her of God’s plan.

He blessed her then with gifts so rare that to this day I hear the prayer.

I knew my life was His to claim the day the Savior came.


He wept again, and as He cried the heavens seemed to open wide.

Angels appeared in burning light with so much truth they lit the night.

Now she is grown yet still I see the day that Jesus held her on His knee.

We often talk about that day And all the wond’rous things she heard Him say.

He told her of Gethsemane and why he died to set us free.

For ev’ry sin He took the blame. That’s why the Savior came.


The world’s not been the same since the day the Savior came.

Text: Ann L. Bailey

Music: Ann L. Bailey

Album: Submitted Music (1992-1997)

Composition Date: 1994

More Info: CMS 1994


Testimony, Disciplship, Jesus Christ