The Clarion Call

Music from the New Era

1. The clarion call is sounding from the tower on the hill;
A host of youth are joining now with others coming still.
They come in bands of five and ten and hundreds more draw near;
They know their Lord and Master’s reign on earth will soon be here.

Then advance, O noble youth of God,
and lift your streaming banners high.
The flame of truth burns in your hearts;
The victory is nigh.


2. The evil one is raging now and threat’ning all who stand.
He scatters darkness, hate, and fear across our troubled land.
He strives to shackle every youth and stay the clarion sound,
But noble youth who heed the Lord’s command cannot be bound.



3. How glorious is the army of the children of our God,
Who arm themselves in righteousness and hold the iron rod.
This is the day, and come what may, we’ll win against the foe.
The end draws near, the signal’s clear; into the fray we’ll go.

Text: Vaughn J. Featherstone

Music: Larry Bastian

Artist: Featherstone/Bastian

Album: Music Published in the Church Magazines: New Era

Composition Date: 1987-06-01

More Info: New Era


youth, Millennium, banners, truth, victory, iron rod