The Carpenter's Boy

The Carpenter's Boy

Solos to Sing, Submitted Music (2007-2011)

Only a man, and such a simple man am I.

What am I asked to do?

Most of the day I swing a hammer at a nail,

What will I offer you?

I am a carpenter by trade,

So unprepared and so afraid.

The son of God in these calloused hands.


Once in a dream, I saw a boy here by my side.

\Clever and strong was he.

Oh, what a joy, a young apprentice to inspire!

Learning his craft from me.

Will there be time enough to share,

While he is young and in my care?

The King of Kings as my little boy


And when I look at him so young and innocent

I think of all the things the prophets teach about his life.

They say he’ll bear our grief,

Bruised for our iniquities,

Suffer, bleed and die for me!

How can this be true?

I promise you this night,

While in my car, while in my sight,

While we prepare, we’ll play and laugh and run

And work as well, my son,

We’ll find our way to joy, my little boy.


Hush now, dear one, in peace before the storm to come

Give me your tiny hand. 

Someday I know that he will call and you will go

To finish His mighty plan. 

For we, like sheep have gone astray.

Only through you is there a way!

But you begin as the Carpenter’s boy.

Text:  Aimee Nolte

Music:  Aimee Nolte

Album:  Submitted Music (2007-2011)

Composition Date:  2011

More Info:  CMS 2011