The Carpenter

Music from the New Era

1. A child was sent from heaven; in purity he came.
He walked the earth in common clothes; not many knew his name.
His hands grew worn and calloused, but those hands stretched out with love.
The Master of the workbench was the Master from above.


2. He smoothed a rough board’s surface like he smoothed the angry sea.
He healed the broken pieces like he healed a lame man’s feet.
The carpenter from Galilee built more than wood or clay.
He shaped the people’s hearts and souls; His message lives today.


3. The carpenter was hated; His fame had spread abroad.
They placed long thorns upon his head; they beat him with a rod.
The last wood that the Master touched was a cross on Calvary.
My Savior’s final masterpiece; He gave his life for me.

Text: Jennifer Zabel

Music: Jennifer Zabel

Artist: Zabel

Album: Music Published in the Church Magazines: New Era

Composition Date: 1994-08-01

More Info: New Era


carpenter, Master, heal, calm, Jesus Christ--miracles, Jesus Christ--atonement