The Book of Mormon Has Come Forth (New Era)

The Book of Mormon Has Come Forth (New Era)

Music from the New Era

1. The Book of Mormon has come forth from precious plates of gold.

The records, hidden long ago, an ancient story told—

A tale of mighty nations, a message of great worth,

The gospel in its fullness now rolls forth to fill the earth.


2. The Book of Mormon teaches truth from prophets wise and just:

Moroni, Alma, Nephi too, who spoke as from the dust.

O, come and hear, ye nations, the message now revealed:

A witness of our Savior, Lord, a prophecy fulfilled.


3. To those with faith in Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit guides,

And manifests the truth and light that in this book abides.

Moroni made this promise—a message heaven-sent—

To all who will sincerely ask and pray with real intent.


4. Another witness now proclaims that Christ was born on earth,

And came unto His other sheep to show their priceless worth.

We love the Book of Mormon, it testifies with might.

O, come ye Jew and Gentile, too, and learn of Jesus Christ!

Text: Bonnie Murray

Music: Janice Kapp Perry

Artist: Murray/Perry

Album: Music Published in the Church Magazines: New Era

Composition Date: 2012-09-09

More Info: New Era


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