The Armor of God

Music from the New Era

1. As I sail life’s stormy seas,
sometimes trials seem to be
so much more than I can bear.
But I know my Father cares,
and he’s there for me.

With the sword of truth protecting me,
and the shield of faith, I can be free
If I hold onto the iron rod
And proudly wear the armor of God.


2. I will let my torch shine bright
as I walk the path of right.
With my Savior as my friend,
I will endure to the end,
just one day at a time.



3. So with all my heart and soul
I will strive to reach my goal
to be worthy and to stand
on the Father’s right hand,
and be counted.


[Second part of chorus—to be sung after verse 3]
On a battlefield I stand,
awaiting God’s command.
A trumpet sounds the call,
“Come to Jesus, one and all,
And wear the armor of God.”

Text: Kate McSweeney

Music: Kate McSweeney

Artist: McSweeney

Album: Music Published in the Church Magazines: New Era

Composition Date: 1994-10-01

More Info: New Era


trials, truth, iron rod, armor of God, Savior, light, command