Thank You, Nephi

Music from the Friend

1. Thank you, Nephi, for your words
that tell the story of your past,
the record of your wanderings,
engraved with care on plates of brass.
Thank you, Nephi. As a lad
you did not murmur or complain.
And when you had a task to do,
you listened to the Lord’s command.

2. Thank you, Nephi. Long ago
you stopped beside the sea’s warm sand.
While others laughed, you built a ship
to take you to the promised land.
Thank you, Nephi, for your faith.
You knew His plan; You taught His word.
Thank you, Nephi. All your days
you walked in truth, you loved the Lord.

Text: Mabel Gabbott

Music: Lynn Lund

Artist: Gabbott/Lund

Album: Music Published in the Church Magazines: Friend

Composition Date: 1992-03-01

More Info: Friend


Nephi, Book of Mormon, obedience, commandments, example