Thank Him Rev'rently

Thank Him Rev'rently

Submitted Hymn Texts, Submitted Music (2007-2011)

Christ hath giv’n the flowers,
Christ hath made the sea,
Christ hath sent the sunlight
For He loveth me.

I will touch the flowers,
I will watch the sea,
I will feel the sunlight
And thank Him rev’rently.

Christ hath made the songbird,
Christ hath grown the tree,
Christ hath formed the mountain
In its majesty.

I will hear the songbird,
I’ll rest ‘neath the tree,
I will climb the mountain
And thank Him rev’rently.

Christ hath made my fingers
And eyes that I may see.
Christ hath made my warm heart
Beating tenderly.

I will use His treasures
To bless all those I see;
I’ll share all He gives me
And thank Him rev’rently.

Text: Michelle Willis

Album: Submitted Music (2007-2011)

Composition Date: 2010

More Info: CMS 2010