Tender Mercies

Music from the New Era

Tender mercies of the Lord Come in quiet ways,

Not by mere coincidence, But by heaven’s grace.

As we choose to follow Him With full heart and soul,

We become His chosen ones And tender mercies flow.


2. Tender mercies of the Lord Come in times of need.

Gifts of faith and confidence Fill us as we plead.

Words of guidance, hope, and peace Help us feel God’s love.

By our faith, His mercies come Like manna from above.


3. Tender mercies of the Lord Come as we repent.

Sweet forgiveness, peace of mind Follow, heaven-sent.

Faithfulness, obedience Help us to discern.

Blessings sweet and personal For which our spirits yearn.


4. Tender mercies of the Lord Comfort us and guide.

In His time and in His way, We receive His light.

As we yield our will to His, Blessings freely flow.

We partake of love divine Thru mercies He bestows.

Text: Janice Kapp Perry

Music: Janice Kapp Perry

Artist: Perry

Album: Music Published in the Church Magazines: New Era

Composition Date: 2012-04-07

More Info: New Era


tender mercy, grace, need, faith, confidence, guidance, hope, manna