Teacher, Do You Love Me?

Teacher, Do You Love Me?

Music from the Friend

Child: Teacher, do you love me?
Teacher, will you care for me?
Even if I turn away, or disobey, or go astray,
then will you love me still?

Teacher, will you teach me?
Teacher, help me choose the right.
When I do not understand the Lord’s command,
please take my hand and lead me safely with His light.

Teacher: Oh, yes, my child, I love you.
My child, I’ll always care for you.
And with the Savior as our guide,
I’ll share the light I feel inside.
And you will feel His love for you.

Oh, yes, my child, I’ll teach you.
My child, I’ll help you choose the right.
And when you do not understand the Lord’s command,
I’ll take your hand.
And He will lead us with His light.

Chorus: I need your love, I need your light
to show me how to be like Jesus.
The Savior’s love will light the path
to lead me safely home.

Text: Michael Moody

Music: Michael Moody

Artist: Moody

Album: Music Published in the Church Magazines: Friend

Composition Date: 1986-04-01

More Info: Friend


Teaching, Love, learn, guidance