Spring of the Year

Spring of the Year

Music from the Friend

1. It was the spring of the year.
Oleanders bloomed.
The sun shone brightly as the days grew warmer,
And shepherds heard the angels sing one night.
It was the spring of the year.
Little lambs were new,
And Christ was born.

2. When Jesus died on the cross—
Gave His life for me—
His friends were faithful as the days grew darker.
Then Jesus came to show them that He lived.
It was the spring of the year.
Earth and heaven knew
That Jesus lives!

3. It was the spring of the year.
Joseph knelt to pray.
In faith he questioned; then a light descended.
In glory came the Father and the Son!
He testified this is true:
God and Jesus live,
And we shall too!

Text: Madelyn Larsen

Music: Joanne Parker

Artist: Larsen/Parker

Album: Music Published in the Church Magazines: Friend

Composition Date: 1981-04-01

More Info: Friend


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