Soft and Pure

Soft and Pure

Music for Choirs, Submitted Music

1. Soft and pure, the light that flows from candle flame,

Not too bright, but light enough to clearly see

He who comes to earth this night,

Clothed in meekness, hope and light,

Savior of all fallen creatures He will be.


2. Soft and pure, the love that flows from Mary’s heart

For her newborn Son who needs her gentle touch.

She who magnifies the Lord,

Of all women highly favored,

Showers Him with tenderness and mother’s love.


3. Soft and pure, the Holy Infant all adore.

Though the Son of God, He sleeps in arms obscure.

Miracle of hope and love,

Priceless gift from heav’n above.

Come, at last, to cleanse our hearts from sin

And make them soft and pure.

Text:  Raymond D. Cook

Music:  Raymond D. Cook


atonement, Jesus Christ, Christmas, praise